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A slightly spooky coord for a ghost tour last night 👻 #egl #lolitafashion JSK - @haenulishop Blouse - @neoludwig Jacket - #atelierboz Tights - @komachi2266531 Hat - handmade
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In selecting this picture I became completely distracted by trying to figure out what Daphne Ashbrook (the actress who played Grace in the Dr Who TV Movie) is standing in front of. I mean, the TARDIS obv., but what is that thing on top of it? It can't be an actual TARDIS prop (because of the thing, unless there's some Big Finish publicity which involved a thing on top of a Tardis) which makes me think it must be a genuine Police Box. But I'm fairly sure this photo was taken some time in 2004 and I'm also fairly sure there weren't any police boxes still around in 2004 (outside Glasgow, where they don't look like that anyway). So I'm guessing maybe this is a genuine police box that some Who fan managed to get hold of?

Turn It Up To Eleven

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:25 pm
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My company does hackathons twice a year, where people can work on pretty much anything they want to over the course of three workdays and a weekend. One of the company's founding members and the chief architect of Hackathon is a burner, so they are themed and fantastically Extra in all the best ways. I started a few days before Hackathon X (space), got invited to help in the late stages of decor planning for Hackathon 10 5/7ths (down the rabbit hole/enchanted forest) and was a part of the entire decor process and was part of the organizing committee for Hackathon 11 (rock and roll).

Which is a roundabout way of saying oh my god, the last week or two has been SO busy. Totally fantastic, but so busy.

-we turned the main breakroom/kitchen into a record store (Exfiltrated Records, because appsec nerds like puns too), with bins, a small stage, band posters everywhere, a wall of t-shirts, and 45s and disco balls hanging from the ceiling.

-I set up an internet radio station where people could sign up for an hour block and upload playlists which would be streamed for everyone. Despite being at least 50% the programming equivalent of string and duct tape, it actually mostly works?

- A group of people set up a band-themed escape room (Escape the Green Room) as their hack which 1) is totally amazing and 2) my team has the best time for so far, despite only one of us having ever done an escape room before. We'll see how Monday's teams do...

-I rewrote the code for my favorite IRC bot, Random Word Hell, using Slack's python API. I'll share the repo once I've polished it up a bit.

-My big hack is doing more work on a new DW API, so that's my project for the weekend and Monday. We'll see how far I get with it.

Photos later, maybe? Right now I want to sleep forever.
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There's a class of questions where I don't ever want to know the actual answer. Like, what do you call m/m bandfic featuring the Guns N' Roses lead guitarist?

Random Doctor Who Picture

Oct. 7th, 2017 11:12 am
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From The Key To Time: A Year-by-Year Record which was the second of Peter Haining's large format Doctor Who non-fiction books. I adored this book as a child because of the huge amount of fan art it contained.

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The annual disclamatory note to regular readers of this journal: This is a public post, about Yuletide, intended to be read by people who don't know me. Also, um, I'm kind of demanding, compared to what some of you are used to hearing from me. If none of that interests you, skip this post.

(Additional note, to habitual Yuletiders/letter readers: At this point a lot of my letter is cribbed from letters I've done in previous years, as my overall tastes in fic are pretty stable and there are fandoms in here I’ve requested before.)

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#inktober 4

Oct. 4th, 2017 09:27 am
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I tried to think in terms of lines and shapes, trying to reduce the fuzzy picture in my head to them before I began drawing (?). Here's underwater... )

#inktober 3

Oct. 3rd, 2017 09:17 am
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I looked at [personal profile] yomikoma's #inktober entry for yesterday and thought, "You drew all that with just lines!" So I determined that today I would try to think of a picture and reduce it to lines and draw them. I utterly failed to think up something for today's topic that was mostly lines; or I failed to reduce it to such.

So this is poison... )